Chocolate Day

July 7
Yearly Date: Always July 7th



Quote for the Day

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Charles Schultz

Famous People Born in July

July 1,1908-  Estee Lauder, cosmetics magnate

July 1,1916-  Olivia De Havilland, actress

July 1,1934-  Jamie Farr, actor, played “Klinger” on Tv Series “Mash”

July 1,1942-  Karen Black, actress

July 1,1952-  Dan Aykroyd, actor

July 1,1961-  Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, married Prince Charles

July 1,1961-  Carl Lewis, Olympic champion, track star

July 1,1967-  Pamela Anderson, actress

July 2,1908- Thurgood Marshall, first African-American Supreme Court justice

July 2,1932-  Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s

July 2,1937-  Richard Petty, auto racer

July 2,1986-  Lindsey Lohan, actress

July 2 , 1937-  Ron Silver, actor, director

July 3,1927-  Ken Russell, director

July 3,1930-  Pete Fountain, jazz musician

July 3,1947 –  Dave Barry, humorist

July 3,1956-  Montel Williams, TV personality<

July 3,1962-  Tom Cruise, actor

July 3,1963-  Taylor Dayne, singer

July 4,1872-  Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President (1923-1929)

July 4,1872-  Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President (1923-1929)

July 4,1911-  Mitch Miller, Big bandleader,”Sing along with Mitch”

July 4,1918-  Ann Landers, advice columnist

July 4,1918-  Abigail Van Buren, advice columnist

July 4,1927-  Gina Lollobrigida, actress

July 4,1927-  Neil Simon, playwright

July 4,1929-  Al Davis, “Raiders” NFL football executive

July 4,1930-  George Steinbrenner, NY Yankees owner

July 4,1943-  Geraldo Rivera, journalist, talk show host

July 4,1998-  Malia Obams, daughter of former President Barack Obama.

July 5,1810-  P. T. Barnum, showman,circus founder

July 5,1853-  Cecil Rhodes, millionaire financier and politician

July 5,1902-  Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., senator, UN ambassador

July 5,1951-  Huey Lewis, singer

July 6,1747-  John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War, Father of the U.S. Navy

July 6,1923-  Nancy Reagan, First lady of the United States

July 6,1925-  Merv Griffin, talk show host

July 6,1927-  Janet Leigh, actress

July 6,1931-  Della Reese, singer, actress

July 6,1935-  Tenzin Gyatso,Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader

July 6,1937-  Ned Beatty, actor

July 6,1945-  Burt Ward, actor

July 6,1946-  George W. Bush, 43rd U.S. President

July 6,1946-  Sylvester Stallone, actor/director

July 7,1906-  Satchel Paige, baseball pitcher

July 7,1907-  Robert Heinlein, science fiction writer

July 7,1922-  Pierre Cardin, fashion designer

July 7,1927-  Doc Severinsen, bandleader

July 7,1940-  Ringo Starr, drummer, “The Beatles”

July 7,1947-  Shelley Duvall, actress

July 7,1980-  Michelle Kwan, champion figure skater

July 8,1831-  John Pemberton, Chemist, invented Coca-Cola

July 8,1838-  Ferdinand von Zeppelin, aeronautical engineer ,  airship designer

July 8,1839-  John D. Rockefeller, American business tycoon, philanthorpist

July 8,1908-  Nelson Rockefeller, NY governor, vice president of the United States

July 8,1931-  Jerry Vale, singer

July 8,1935-  Steve Lawrence, singer

July 8,1951-  Anjelica Huston, actress, director

July 8,1958-  Kevin Bacon, actor

July 8,1961-  Toby Keith, country singer

July 9,1819-  Elias Howe, invented the sewing machine

July 9,1927-  Ed Ames, actor, singer

July 9,1928-  Vince Edwards, actor

July 9,1938-  Brian Dennehy, actor

July 9,1945-  Dean Koontz, writer

July 9,1952-  John Tesh, musician,c omposer

July 9,1955-  Jimmy Smits, actor

July 9,1956-  Tom Hanks, actor

July 9,1964-  Courtney Love, singer, actress

July 9,1976-  Fred Savage, actor, TV series “Wonder Years”

July 9,1839-  Adolphus Busch, American brewer, Busch Beer

July 10,1834-  JAmes Whistler, American painter, painted Whistler’s Mother

July 10,1920-  David Brinkley, TV anchor, journalist

July 10,1926-  Fred Gwynne, actor”

July 10,1943-  Arthur Ashe, tennis champion

July 10,1947-  Arlo Guthrie, folk singer, songwriter

July 10,1980-  Jessica Simpson, singer

July 11,1767-  John Quincy Adams, 6th U.S. President (1825-1829)

July 11,1834-  James Whistler, painter, “Whistler’s Mother”

July 11,1899-  E. B. White, children’s author

July 11,1915-  Yul Brynner, actor

July 11,1931-  Tab Hunter, actor

July 11,1936-  Giorgio Armani, fashion designer

July 11,1953-  Leon Spinks, heavyweight boxng champion

July 11,1958-  Mark Lester, actor

July 11,1959-  Suzanne Vega, singer, songwriter

July 12,100 BC-  Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor

July 12,1817-  Henry David Thoreau, author, philosopher

July 12,1854-  George Eastman, Photography, founder of Eastman Kodak Company

July 12,1864-  George Washington Carver, American Botanist

July 12,1895-  Oscar Hammerstein II, lyricist, “Rodgers and Hammerstein”

July 12,1908-  Milton Berle, comedian

July 12,1909-  “Curly” Joe DeRita, comedian, one of the “Three Stooges”

July 12,1934-  Van Cliburn, pianist

July 12,1938-  Bill Cosby,actor,comedian

July 12,1948-  Richard Simmons, actor, weight loss guru

July 12,1948-  Jay Thomas, actor

July 12,1951-  Cheryl Ladd, actress

July 12,1971-  Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic champion figure skater

July 13,1940- Robert Forster, actor

July 13,1940-  Patrick Stewart, actor

July 13,1942-  Harrison Ford, actor

July 13,1942-  Roger McGuinn, singe,musician,member of the “Byrds”

July 13,1944-  Erno Rubik, invented “Rubik’s Cube”

July 13,1946-  Cheech Marin, actor,writer     ,      “Cheech and Chong”

July 13,1954-  Louise Mandrell, country singer

July 14,1910-  William Hanna, “Hanna-Barbera”,creators of the “Flintstones” and the “Jetsons”

July 14,1912-  Woody Guthrie, folk singer,songwriter

July 14,1913-  Gerald Ford, 38th U.S.President (1974-1977)

July 14,1917-  Douglas Edwards, TV journalist

July 14,1918-  Ingmar Bergman, director,screenwriter

July 14,1927-  John Chancellor, TV journalist

July 14,1930-  Polly Bergen, actress

July 14,1966-  Matthew Fox, actor

July 15,1606-  Rembrandt Van Rijn, painter

July 15,1850-  Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini (Mother Cabrini), first American saint

July 15,1944-  Jan-Michael Vincent, actor

July 15,1946-  Linda Ronstadt, singer

July 15,1951-  Jesse Ventura, WWF wrestler, MN governor

July 15,1960-  Kim Alexis, model

July 15,1961-  Forest Whitaker, actor

July 15,1973-  Brian Austin Green, actor

July 16,1872-  Roald Amundsen, polar explorer

July 16,1907-  Barbara Stanwyck, actress

July 16,1911-  Ginger Rogers, actress, dancer

July 16,1924-  Bess Myserson, panelist on “I’ve Got a Secret”

July 16,1943-  Jimmy Johnson, NFL football coach

July 16,1967-  Will Ferrell, actor, Comedian, SNL

July 17,1763-  John Jacob Astor, fur banker ,real estate inventor

July 17,1899-  James Cagney, actor

July 17,1912-  Art Linkletter, TV actor

July 17,1917-  Phyllis Diller, actress,comedian

July 17,1934-  Donald Sutherland, actor

July 17,1935-  Diahann Carroll, actress,singer

July 17,1935-  Donald Sutherland, Canadian actor

July 17,1935-  Diahann Carroll, actress,singer

July 17,1935-  Donald Sutherland, Canadian actorsecond wife of England’s Prince Charles

July 17,1951-  Lucie Arnaz, actress

July 17,1952-  David Hasselhoff, actor

July 17,1954-  Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

July 18,1913-  Red Skelton, comedian and actor

July 18,1918-  Nelson Mandela, South Africa anti   –   apartheid activist,President

July 18,1921-  John Glenn, astronaut, Ohio Senator

July 18,1927-  Kurt Masur, conductor

July 18,1940-  James Brolin, actor 

July 18,1943-  Calvin Peete, golfer

July 18,1947-  Malcolm “Steve” Forbes Jr., publisher, presidential candidate

July 18,1957-  Nick Faldo, golfer

July 18,1961-  Elizabeth McGovern, actress

July 19,1814-  Samuel Colt, Colt Manufacturing Company

July 19,1860-  Lizzie Borden, accused ax murderer

July 19,1898-  Herbert Marcuse, political philosopher

July 19,1922-  George McGovern, presidential candidate,South Dakota Senator

July 19,1924-  Pat Hingle, actor

July 19,1941-  Vikki Carr, singer

July 19,1946-  Ilie Nastase, tennis player

July 19,1962-  Anthony Edwards, actor

July 20,356 B.C.-  Alexander the Great, King of ancient Macedonia

July 20,1919-  Sir Edmund Hillary, explorer, ountaineer, first to reach the peak of Mount Everest

July 20,1924-  Thomas Berger, writer

July 20,1938-  Diana Rigg, actress

July 20,1938- Natalie Wood, actress

July 20,1947-  Carlos Santana, musician

July 21,1899-  Ernest Hemingway, novelist

July 21,1920-  Isaac Stern, violinist

July 21,1924-  Don Knotts, actor,Andy Griffith Snow

July 21,1938-  Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney General

July 21,1943-  Edward Hermann, actor

July 21,1946-  Kenneth Starr, independent counsel investigated Clinton administration scandal

July 21,1948-  Cat Stevens, singer, songwriter

July 21,1948-  Garry Trudeau, cartoonist, created “Doonesbury”

July 21,1952-  Robin Williams, actor

July 21,1957-  Jon Lovitz, actor

July 22,1890-  Rose Kennedy, mother of Preseident John F. Kennedy

July 22,1923-  Robert Dole, U.S. Senate majority leader,presidential candidate

July 22,1932-  Oscar De La Renta, fashion designer

July 22,1934-  Louise Fletcher, actress

July 22,1940-  Alex Trebek, host on TV game show “Jeopardy”

July 22,1946-  Danny Gloever, actor,”Lethal Weapon” movie series

July 22,1947-  Albert Brooks, actor,comedian

July 22,1947-  Danny Glover, actor

July 22,1947-  Don Henley, singer, songwriter,member of the “Eagles”

July 22,1955-  Willem Dafoe, actor

July 22,1965-  David Spade, actor

July 23,1918-  Pee Wee Reese, baseball player

July 23,1925-  Gloria DeHaven, actress

July 23,1936-  Don Drysdale, baseball pitcher    ,    

July 23,1961-  Woody Harrelson, actor

July 23 ,1989-  Daniel Radcliffe, “Harry Potter” in Harry Potter movies

July 24,1897-  Amelia Earhart, pioneer aviator

July 24,1921-  Billy Taylor, jazz pianist

July 24,1936-  Ruth Buzzi, actress, comedian

July 24,1947-  Robert Hays, actor

July 24,1951-  Lynda Carter, actress, “Wonder Woman”

July 24,1963-  Karl Malone, NBA basketball player

July 24,1964-  Barry Bonds, baseball player

July 24,1970-  Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer

July 25,1844-  Thomas Eakins, painter

July 25,1894-  Walter Brennan, actor, “The Real McCoys”

July 25,1907-  Jack Gilford, actor

July 25,1925-  Estelle Getty, actress

July 25,1935-  Barbara Harris, actress

July 25,1954-  Walter Payton, NFL football player

July 25,1967-  Matt LeBlanc, actor

July 25,1978-  Louise Brown, first test-tube baby

July 25,1982-  Brad Renfro, actor

July 26,1796-  George Catlin, painter

July 26,1894-  Aldous Huxley, writer

July 26,1906-  Gracie Allen, actress, comedian, wife of George Burns

July 26    ,      1909-  Vivian Vance, actress

July 26,1922-  Blake Edwards, producer, director

July 26,1922-  Jason Robards, actor

July 26,1928-  Stanley Kubrick, director, writer

July 26,1943-  Mick Jagger, lead singer of the “Rolling Stones”

July 26,1956-  Dorothy Hamill, Champion Olympic figure skater

July 26,1959-  Kevin Spacey, actor

July 26,1964-  Sandra Bullock, actress

July 27,1824-  Alexandre Dumas, novelist

July 27,1905-  Leo Durocher, baseball player, manager

July 27,1922-  Norman Lear, writer, producer

July 27,1931-  Jerry Van Dyke, actor, brother of Dick Van Dyke

July 27,1942-  Bobbie Gentry, singer, songwriter

July 27,1948-  Peggy Fleming, Champion Olympic figure skater

July 27,1948-  Betty Thomas, actress, director

July 27,1949-  Maureen McGovern, singer

July 27,1975-  Alex Rodriguez, MLB NY Yankees baseball player

July 28,1866-  Beatrix Potter, children’s author

July 28,1901-  Rudy Vallee, singer

July 28,1929-  Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis, first Lady of the U.S.

July 28,1945-  Jim Davis, cartoonist, created “Garfield”

July 28,1948-  Sally Struthers, actress

July 28,1964-  Lori Loughlin, actress

July 29,1883-  Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascist leader during WWII

July 29,1936-  Elizabeth Hanford Dole, Red Cross president, U.S. cabinet member

July 29,1938-  Peter Jennings, TV news anchor

July 29,1966-  Martina McBride, country singer

July 29,1972-  Wil Wheaton, actor

July 30,1863-  Henry Ford, auto maker, industrialist

July 30,1890-  Casey Stengel, baseball player, manager

July 30,1898-  Henry Moore, sculptor

July 30,1934-  Bud Selig, baseball commissioner

July 30,1939-  Peter Bogdanovich, producer, director

July 30,1941-  Paul Anka, singer

July 30,1947-  Arnold Schwarznegger, weightlifter, actor, Governor of California

July 30,1956-  Delta Burke, actress

July 30,1961-  Laurence Fishburne, actor

July 30,1963-  Lisa Kudrow, actress “Phoebe” on TVseries “Friends”

July 31,1912-  Milton Friedman, economist

July 31,1919-  Curt Gowdy, sportscaster

July 31,1929-  Don Murray, actor

July 31,1951-  Evonne Goolagong, tennis champion

July 31,1963-  Wesley Snipes, actor

July 31,1965-  J.K. Rowling, author of “Harry Potter” series

July 31,1966-  Dean Cain, actor 

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