National Avocado Day

July 31
Yearly Date: Always on July 31st



Quote for the Day

“And perfect happiness? Man, that’s a… the pool is about 92 degrees, the Jacuzzi is about 102 and an avocado farm.”

Jamie Foxx

Famous People Born in July

July 1,1908-  Estee Lauder, cosmetics magnate

July 1,1916-  Olivia De Havilland, actress

July 1,1934-  Jamie Farr, actor, played “Klinger” on Tv Series “Mash”

July 1,1942-  Karen Black, actress

July 1,1952-  Dan Aykroyd, actor

July 1,1961-  Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, married Prince Charles

July 1,1961-  Carl Lewis, Olympic champion, track star

July 1,1967-  Pamela Anderson, actress

July 2,1908- Thurgood Marshall, first African-American Supreme Court justice

July 2,1932-  Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s

July 2,1937-  Richard Petty, auto racer

July 2,1986-  Lindsey Lohan, actress

July 2 , 1937-  Ron Silver, actor, director

July 3,1927-  Ken Russell, director

July 3,1930-  Pete Fountain, jazz musician

July 3,1947 –  Dave Barry, humorist

July 3,1956-  Montel Williams, TV personality<

July 3,1962-  Tom Cruise, actor

July 3,1963-  Taylor Dayne, singer

July 4,1872-  Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President (1923-1929)

July 4,1872-  Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President (1923-1929)

July 4,1911-  Mitch Miller, Big bandleader,”Sing along with Mitch”

July 4,1918-  Ann Landers, advice columnist

July 4,1918-  Abigail Van Buren, advice columnist

July 4,1927-  Gina Lollobrigida, actress

July 4,1927-  Neil Simon, playwright

July 4,1929-  Al Davis, “Raiders” NFL football executive

July 4,1930-  George Steinbrenner, NY Yankees owner

July 4,1943-  Geraldo Rivera, journalist, talk show host

July 4,1998-  Malia Obams, daughter of former President Barack Obama.

July 5,1810-  P. T. Barnum, showman,circus founder

July 5,1853-  Cecil Rhodes, millionaire financier and politician

July 5,1902-  Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., senator, UN ambassador

July 5,1951-  Huey Lewis, singer

July 6,1747-  John Paul Jones, Revolutionary War, Father of the U.S. Navy

July 6,1923-  Nancy Reagan, First lady of the United States

July 6,1925-  Merv Griffin, talk show host

July 6,1927-  Janet Leigh, actress

July 6,1931-  Della Reese, singer, actress

July 6,1935-  Tenzin Gyatso,Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader

July 6,1937-  Ned Beatty, actor

July 6,1945-  Burt Ward, actor

July 6,1946-  George W. Bush, 43rd U.S. President

July 6,1946-  Sylvester Stallone, actor/director

July 7,1906-  Satchel Paige, baseball pitcher

July 7,1907-  Robert Heinlein, science fiction writer

July 7,1922-  Pierre Cardin, fashion designer

July 7,1927-  Doc Severinsen, bandleader

July 7,1940-  Ringo Starr, drummer, “The Beatles”

July 7,1947-  Shelley Duvall, actress

July 7,1980-  Michelle Kwan, champion figure skater

July 8,1831-  John Pemberton, Chemist, invented Coca-Cola

July 8,1838-  Ferdinand von Zeppelin, aeronautical engineer ,  airship designer

July 8,1839-  John D. Rockefeller, American business tycoon, philanthorpist

July 8,1908-  Nelson Rockefeller, NY governor, vice president of the United States

July 8,1931-  Jerry Vale, singer

July 8,1935-  Steve Lawrence, singer

July 8,1951-  Anjelica Huston, actress, director

July 8,1958-  Kevin Bacon, actor

July 8,1961-  Toby Keith, country singer

July 9,1819-  Elias Howe, invented the sewing machine

July 9,1927-  Ed Ames, actor, singer

July 9,1928-  Vince Edwards, actor

July 9,1938-  Brian Dennehy, actor

July 9,1945-  Dean Koontz, writer

July 9,1952-  John Tesh, musician,c omposer

July 9,1955-  Jimmy Smits, actor

July 9,1956-  Tom Hanks, actor

July 9,1964-  Courtney Love, singer, actress

July 9,1976-  Fred Savage, actor, TV series “Wonder Years”

July 9,1839-  Adolphus Busch, American brewer, Busch Beer

July 10,1834-  JAmes Whistler, American painter, painted Whistler’s Mother

July 10,1920-  David Brinkley, TV anchor, journalist

July 10,1926-  Fred Gwynne, actor”

July 10,1943-  Arthur Ashe, tennis champion

July 10,1947-  Arlo Guthrie, folk singer, songwriter

July 10,1980-  Jessica Simpson, singer

July 11,1767-  John Quincy Adams, 6th U.S. President (1825-1829)

July 11,1834-  James Whistler, painter, “Whistler’s Mother”

July 11,1899-  E. B. White, children’s author

July 11,1915-  Yul Brynner, actor

July 11,1931-  Tab Hunter, actor

July 11,1936-  Giorgio Armani, fashion designer

July 11,1953-  Leon Spinks, heavyweight boxng champion

July 11,1958-  Mark Lester, actor

July 11,1959-  Suzanne Vega, singer, songwriter

July 12,100 BC-  Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor

July 12,1817-  Henry David Thoreau, author, philosopher

July 12,1854-  George Eastman, Photography, founder of Eastman Kodak Company

July 12,1864-  George Washington Carver, American Botanist

July 12,1895-  Oscar Hammerstein II, lyricist, “Rodgers and Hammerstein”

July 12,1908-  Milton Berle, comedian

July 12,1909-  “Curly” Joe DeRita, comedian, one of the “Three Stooges”

July 12,1934-  Van Cliburn, pianist

July 12,1938-  Bill Cosby,actor,comedian

July 12,1948-  Richard Simmons, actor, weight loss guru

July 12,1948-  Jay Thomas, actor

July 12,1951-  Cheryl Ladd, actress

July 12,1971-  Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic champion figure skater

July 13,1940- Robert Forster, actor

July 13,1940-  Patrick Stewart, actor

July 13,1942-  Harrison Ford, actor

July 13,1942-  Roger McGuinn, singe,musician,member of the “Byrds”

July 13,1944-  Erno Rubik, invented “Rubik’s Cube”

July 13,1946-  Cheech Marin, actor,writer     ,      “Cheech and Chong”

July 13,1954-  Louise Mandrell, country singer

July 14,1910-  William Hanna, “Hanna-Barbera”,creators of the “Flintstones” and the “Jetsons”

July 14,1912-  Woody Guthrie, folk singer,songwriter

July 14,1913-  Gerald Ford, 38th U.S.President (1974-1977)

July 14,1917-  Douglas Edwards, TV journalist

July 14,1918-  Ingmar Bergman, director,screenwriter

July 14,1927-  John Chancellor, TV journalist

July 14,1930-  Polly Bergen, actress

July 14,1966-  Matthew Fox, actor

July 15,1606-  Rembrandt Van Rijn, painter

July 15,1850-  Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini (Mother Cabrini), first American saint

July 15,1944-  Jan-Michael Vincent, actor

July 15,1946-  Linda Ronstadt, singer

July 15,1951-  Jesse Ventura, WWF wrestler, MN governor

July 15,1960-  Kim Alexis, model

July 15,1961-  Forest Whitaker, actor

July 15,1973-  Brian Austin Green, actor

July 16,1872-  Roald Amundsen, polar explorer

July 16,1907-  Barbara Stanwyck, actress

July 16,1911-  Ginger Rogers, actress, dancer

July 16,1924-  Bess Myserson, panelist on “I’ve Got a Secret”

July 16,1943-  Jimmy Johnson, NFL football coach

July 16,1967-  Will Ferrell, actor, Comedian, SNL

July 17,1763-  John Jacob Astor, fur banker ,real estate inventor

July 17,1899-  James Cagney, actor

July 17,1912-  Art Linkletter, TV actor

July 17,1917-  Phyllis Diller, actress,comedian

July 17,1934-  Donald Sutherland, actor

July 17,1935-  Diahann Carroll, actress,singer

July 17,1935-  Donald Sutherland, Canadian actor

July 17,1935-  Diahann Carroll, actress,singer

July 17,1935-  Donald Sutherland, Canadian actorsecond wife of England’s Prince Charles

July 17,1951-  Lucie Arnaz, actress

July 17,1952-  David Hasselhoff, actor

July 17,1954-  Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

July 18,1913-  Red Skelton, comedian and actor

July 18,1918-  Nelson Mandela, South Africa anti   –   apartheid activist,President

July 18,1921-  John Glenn, astronaut, Ohio Senator

July 18,1927-  Kurt Masur, conductor

July 18,1940-  James Brolin, actor 

July 18,1943-  Calvin Peete, golfer

July 18,1947-  Malcolm “Steve” Forbes Jr., publisher, presidential candidate

July 18,1957-  Nick Faldo, golfer

July 18,1961-  Elizabeth McGovern, actress

July 19,1814-  Samuel Colt, Colt Manufacturing Company

July 19,1860-  Lizzie Borden, accused ax murderer

July 19,1898-  Herbert Marcuse, political philosopher

July 19,1922-  George McGovern, presidential candidate,South Dakota Senator

July 19,1924-  Pat Hingle, actor

July 19,1941-  Vikki Carr, singer

July 19,1946-  Ilie Nastase, tennis player

July 19,1962-  Anthony Edwards, actor

July 20,356 B.C.-  Alexander the Great, King of ancient Macedonia

July 20,1919-  Sir Edmund Hillary, explorer, ountaineer, first to reach the peak of Mount Everest

July 20,1924-  Thomas Berger, writer

July 20,1938-  Diana Rigg, actress

July 20,1938- Natalie Wood, actress

July 20,1947-  Carlos Santana, musician

July 21,1899-  Ernest Hemingway, novelist

July 21,1920-  Isaac Stern, violinist

July 21,1924-  Don Knotts, actor,Andy Griffith Snow

July 21,1938-  Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney General

July 21,1943-  Edward Hermann, actor

July 21,1946-  Kenneth Starr, independent counsel investigated Clinton administration scandal

July 21,1948-  Cat Stevens, singer, songwriter

July 21,1948-  Garry Trudeau, cartoonist, created “Doonesbury”

July 21,1952-  Robin Williams, actor

July 21,1957-  Jon Lovitz, actor

July 22,1890-  Rose Kennedy, mother of Preseident John F. Kennedy

July 22,1923-  Robert Dole, U.S. Senate majority leader,presidential candidate

July 22,1932-  Oscar De La Renta, fashion designer

July 22,1934-  Louise Fletcher, actress

July 22,1940-  Alex Trebek, host on TV game show “Jeopardy”

July 22,1946-  Danny Gloever, actor,”Lethal Weapon” movie series

July 22,1947-  Albert Brooks, actor,comedian

July 22,1947-  Danny Glover, actor

July 22,1947-  Don Henley, singer, songwriter,member of the “Eagles”

July 22,1955-  Willem Dafoe, actor

July 22,1965-  David Spade, actor

July 23,1918-  Pee Wee Reese, baseball player

July 23,1925-  Gloria DeHaven, actress

July 23,1936-  Don Drysdale, baseball pitcher    ,    

July 23,1961-  Woody Harrelson, actor

July 23 ,1989-  Daniel Radcliffe, “Harry Potter” in Harry Potter movies

July 24,1897-  Amelia Earhart, pioneer aviator

July 24,1921-  Billy Taylor, jazz pianist

July 24,1936-  Ruth Buzzi, actress, comedian

July 24,1947-  Robert Hays, actor

July 24,1951-  Lynda Carter, actress, “Wonder Woman”

July 24,1963-  Karl Malone, NBA basketball player

July 24,1964-  Barry Bonds, baseball player

July 24,1970-  Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer

July 25,1844-  Thomas Eakins, painter

July 25,1894-  Walter Brennan, actor, “The Real McCoys”

July 25,1907-  Jack Gilford, actor

July 25,1925-  Estelle Getty, actress

July 25,1935-  Barbara Harris, actress

July 25,1954-  Walter Payton, NFL football player

July 25,1967-  Matt LeBlanc, actor

July 25,1978-  Louise Brown, first test-tube baby

July 25,1982-  Brad Renfro, actor

July 26,1796-  George Catlin, painter

July 26,1894-  Aldous Huxley, writer

July 26,1906-  Gracie Allen, actress, comedian, wife of George Burns

July 26    ,      1909-  Vivian Vance, actress

July 26,1922-  Blake Edwards, producer, director

July 26,1922-  Jason Robards, actor

July 26,1928-  Stanley Kubrick, director, writer

July 26,1943-  Mick Jagger, lead singer of the “Rolling Stones”

July 26,1956-  Dorothy Hamill, Champion Olympic figure skater

July 26,1959-  Kevin Spacey, actor

July 26,1964-  Sandra Bullock, actress

July 27,1824-  Alexandre Dumas, novelist

July 27,1905-  Leo Durocher, baseball player, manager

July 27,1922-  Norman Lear, writer, producer

July 27,1931-  Jerry Van Dyke, actor, brother of Dick Van Dyke

July 27,1942-  Bobbie Gentry, singer, songwriter

July 27,1948-  Peggy Fleming, Champion Olympic figure skater

July 27,1948-  Betty Thomas, actress, director

July 27,1949-  Maureen McGovern, singer

July 27,1975-  Alex Rodriguez, MLB NY Yankees baseball player

July 28,1866-  Beatrix Potter, children’s author

July 28,1901-  Rudy Vallee, singer

July 28,1929-  Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis, first Lady of the U.S.

July 28,1945-  Jim Davis, cartoonist, created “Garfield”

July 28,1948-  Sally Struthers, actress

July 28,1964-  Lori Loughlin, actress

July 29,1883-  Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascist leader during WWII

July 29,1936-  Elizabeth Hanford Dole, Red Cross president, U.S. cabinet member

July 29,1938-  Peter Jennings, TV news anchor

July 29,1966-  Martina McBride, country singer

July 29,1972-  Wil Wheaton, actor

July 30,1863-  Henry Ford, auto maker, industrialist

July 30,1890-  Casey Stengel, baseball player, manager

July 30,1898-  Henry Moore, sculptor

July 30,1934-  Bud Selig, baseball commissioner

July 30,1939-  Peter Bogdanovich, producer, director

July 30,1941-  Paul Anka, singer

July 30,1947-  Arnold Schwarznegger, weightlifter, actor, Governor of California

July 30,1956-  Delta Burke, actress

July 30,1961-  Laurence Fishburne, actor

July 30,1963-  Lisa Kudrow, actress “Phoebe” on TVseries “Friends”

July 31,1912-  Milton Friedman, economist

July 31,1919-  Curt Gowdy, sportscaster

July 31,1929-  Don Murray, actor

July 31,1951-  Evonne Goolagong, tennis champion

July 31,1963-  Wesley Snipes, actor

July 31,1965-  J.K. Rowling, author of “Harry Potter” series

July 31,1966-  Dean Cain, actor 

“I never studied art, but taught myself to draw by imitating the New Yorker cartoonists of that day, instead of doing my homework.”

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